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Automaker Spotlight: BMW

Automaker Spotlight: BMW

Long associated with luxury and class, the traditional BMW is considered to be a sign of excellent taste. Initially founded in 1916, the BMW company has celebrated over a century of high-quality luxury vehicles, sports vehicles and motorcycles. It continues to innovate and expand upon its existing product line while maintaining an air of sophistication. Some of the most highly sought after cars remain in the BMW line, such as the upcoming BMW M2.

The Origins of BMW

BMW originated through the acquisition of an aircraft manufacturing company, Rapp Motorenwerke aircraft, in 1917. This would follow BMW in its engineering, creating an advanced technological groundwork that would be critical for its high-performance engines. BMW initially manufactured aircraft but began producing motorcycles instead in the early 1920s. It did not start manufacturing cars until ten years later. BMW was able to bring its aircraft and motorcycle knowledge to its cars.

Working closely with the Austin Motor Company, the BMW was able to create the Dixi. But by 1958, the car manufacturer was struggling to find a footing within the market. Ultimately they were able to begin working in tandem with an Italian manufacturer and developed the Iso Isetta. BMW's focus shifted to smaller vehicles with modified motorcycle engines, a far cry from their current product line.

 BMW initially manufactured aircraft but began manufacturing motorcycles instead in the early 1920s. It did not begin manufacturing cars until 10 years later.

The Birth of BMW's Luxury Line

In the 1960s, BMW was able to acquire a German company named Hans Glas. Though the Hans Glas company name itself was not yet developed, the company was able to obtain a large volume of highly qualified engineers. These extremely knowledgeable engineers were then used to develop the BMW product line further, creating a dramatically more luxurious and powerful offering. Hans Glas vehicles were altered until they could be conformed to the existing product line.

The development of BMW continued throughout the 90s, with the acquisition of design studios and other engineering firms. BMW began to focus on both form and function, creating products that were high in quality and as well as appearance.

The Most Trustworthy of Companies

BMW's reputation goes beyond its product line. It has also been listed as one of the most reputable companies in the world. BMW vehicles are notoriously reliable, which makes it both an exceptional luxury vehicle and ideal for resale. In terms of import auto repair, BMWs are adapted enough that the costs of repairing them are not overly expensive or difficult as they maybe once were. With new entry-level vehicles being introduced into the brand, BMWs are also more attainable than ever.

BMWs are the quintessential import vehicle: high class and durable. If you own a BMW and need it serviced, Concierge Auto Repair is the place to go. Contact us today to schedule a repair.