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Automaker Spotlight: Porsche

Automaker Spotlight: Porsche

Porsche. Just the name alone is enough to give car lovers a rush. The German automaker has long been praised for turning out powerful sports cars that are known for performance. Everything about them screams "quality." 

So how did Porsche do it? Let's take a look at how this beloved sports car came to be. 

From Benz, to Volkswagen, to Porshe 

Ferdinand Porsche was originally the chief engineer at Mercedes-Benz, but he decided to branch off and start his own engineering plant. He developed many designs for the Volkswagen and then, in 1931, he incorporated a company under his name: Porsche.

The Porsche 64 was the first model to be released in 1938. It was manufactured by using the machinery of the VW Beetle. While there are certainly hints of the Beetle in the Porsche 64, it's exterior design had a uniqueness to it, standing out like nothing seen before this time.

Breaking Out With the 356

In the 1940’s, Porsche created many designs for tanks to support the impending war and ceased making autos when the Volkswagen plant was destroyed. Porsche rose from the ashes and designed a Grand Prix car for racing in Austria in 1947. Following this car, it only took one more year to release the first sports car — the 356. This model was designed by Ferry Porsche, Ferdinand’s son. The 356 is historic as it was the first roadster to bear the Porsche name.

The 356 had its first international win in 1951, and two years later Porsche released the Porsche 550 Spyder to huge success in the automotive world. By the 25th anniversary of the corporation, Porsche reveled in having an incredible 10,000 vehicles on the streets.

Porsche 911

More Milestones 

The Porsche 911 was revealed in 1963 with a 6-cylinder engine and a rear cooled engine similar to that of a Volkswagen beetle. Closely on the heels of this model were the 914-4 and 914-6 models with mid-engine mounts in a beefy sports car. The 1970s gave way to the innovative 917 model that had a 12-cyclinder boxer engine, which is very popular and coveted in a Porsche.

There were many other great milestones reached by Porsche. The 924 was released in the 1970’s as the first transaxle sports car followed by the 956, which was the most successful sports car of that time. The second generation Carrera was the first vehicle to combine both a manual and automatic transmission for seamless integration. In 1995, the 911 Turbo was released with a bi-turbo engine and sported the first onboard diagnosis.

Porsche Today 

Porsche has always been forward thinking and scientifically designed many “firsts” in the automobile industry. At the present time, Volkswagen AG owns Porsche and it produces the SUV’s, supercars, hypercars, sedans and the maximum performance sports cars that we love today.

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