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Beware of These Common Car Air Conditioner Issues

Beware of These Common Car Air Conditioner Issues

With so many standard features on our cars today, it's easy to take everyday items like air conditioning for granted until they stop working. In fact, even though air conditioners are standard on almost every make and model produced these days, it’s often overlooked during routine maintenance.

The air conditioning in your car is a complex system, which is comprised of a compressor, condenser, evaporator and a series of tubes, fans and blowers. Any one of these integral parts can break over time causing your A/C to malfunction.

Here are five of the most common air-conditioning issues.

Warm Air Comes Out

If you turn your air conditioner on and warm air comes out, this is a sign of a larger system failure and should be serviced immediately. Most vehicles, especially older ones, can take a couple minutes to produce cold air, especially on hotter days. But if the air never cools, this is a sign of a bad compressor. It’s best to bring your vehicle into Concierge Auto Repair for a full diagnostic test.

No Air Comes Out

Since there are several moving pieces associated with an air-conditioning system, lack of airflow can be attributed to any number of issues. For instance, if a fan or blower goes out or a tube becomes disconnected, this can stop the flow of air. A leak in the system may also be the culprit. At Concierge Auto Repair, our certified technicians are trained to identify potential trouble spots and can alert you before they become a problem.

Warm air coming out of air conditioner

Bad Smells Come Out

Since air-conditioning systems tend to create a lot of moisture, bacteria and fungi can develop over time. These organisms, which breed in dark and damp places like the interior of your air-conditioning system, can quickly cause car- and health-related issues. Regular inspection and flushing of the air-conditioning system can alleviate issues.

Moisture Comes Out

Speaking of moisture, that’s bad, too, but for other reasons. Air-conditioning systems are designed to cool, dry and clean the air in your vehicle. This is accomplished by exhausting the warm, dirty air outside the vehicle. If moisture or debris contaminates the system, it can begin to fail. Cleaning and or replacing filters every 15,000 miles can prevent against this type of failure.

Refrigeration Leaks or Evaporation

Perhaps one of the most common issues facing in-car air-conditioning systems is low refrigeration levels. This can occur due to a leak in the refrigeration lines or over time due to evaporation. And strangely enough, the gas in the refrigeration system is more likely to evaporate in the winter when the A/C is not in use than it is during hot summer months.

If you feel your air-conditioning system is malfunctioning, call us or book an appointment today.