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Google Founder Larry Page is Working on a Flying Car

Google Founder Larry Page is Working on a Flying Car

Google founder Larry Page created a secret start-up company called Zee.Aero. The company is located very close to Google's headquarters in Mountain View California. For years, journalists have tried to discover what Zee.Aero was all about. Finally the facts about Zee.Aero are beginning to surface: Larry Page and Zee.Aero are working on a flying car!

Patent filings show that Zee.Aero's flying car can take off and land vertically, in addition to being able to drive normally on the road. Zee.Aero's flying car is similar to the drone taxis that will be tested soon in Nevada, only Zee.Aero's cars won't fly themselves.

Larry Page's Secret Start-up

Zee.Aero is not affiliated with Google or Google's parent company Alphabet, but Larry Page has been fully funding the company since 2010. Since the company was founded, Page and other Zee.Aero employees have not been very forthcoming with details about the company. Some employees said that they were given a card with statements to give to reporters to deflect questions.

Some unnamed sources from with knowledge of the company have said that Zee.Aero is a part of Page's lifelong dream to personalize travel and make it hassle-free. Page is using his personal fortune to make his lifelong dreams come true, not unlike Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Page and Musk are close friends, and the two have apparently been sharing ideas about the future of travel.

Zee.Aero employs 150 works and has expanded to an airport hanger in Hollister, California. They also have a manufacturing facility at NASA's Ames Research Center.

Flying Car Factories

Zee.Aero's headquarters are located in a blocky, white, industrial building in Mountain View California. The company's employees were confined to the first floor of the building, while the second floor was reserved for Page to be a sort of multi-billionaire man cave. His Zee.Aero residence was furnished with a climbing wall, pricey paintings and a gift from his friend Elon Musk — one of SpaceX's first rocket engines! Zee.Aero employees were initially not allowed to refer to Page by name. Instead, they called him GUS or "guy upstairs." That's how secretive this whole project has been. 

Today, Zee.Aero employs 150 workers and has expanded to an airport hanger in Hollister, California. They also have a manufacturing facility at NASA's Ames Research Center.

Even more interesting is that Page backed another flying car company last year called Kitty Hawk. Kitty Hawk is working on a flying car design competitive to Zee.Aero's design. Kitty Hawk's president is Sebastian Thurn, who played a large part in Google's self-driving car program and the research division Google X. Page, Thurn and other Google employees have not been willing to comment on Kitty Hawk.

There's no telling what the future of travel will be with men like Larry Page working behind the scenes, but we're excited to find out!

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