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5 Common Problems With Your Mercedes-Benz

5 Common Problems With Your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz manufactures some of the most reliable vehicles that you can buy. They have a great reputation for vehicles being very reliable and having few problems that need to be addressed by an import auto repair shop. However, after any vehicle starts to age, parts will begin to wear and eventually need to be replaced. Here are five common problems that could crop up with your Mercedes. 

Noisy Struts

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class models between the years of 1989 and 1995 have reported noises in the struts. The suspension and struts are composed of many parts that may wear or become loose at some point. Hearing a clunking noise when you drive over a bump can be a sign of a joint with excessive clearance because of wear. 

The sound could also be coming from a strut gland nut that has loosened and needs tightening or a dried out rubber bushing. The suspension can be affected by parts that are rusting due to age.

Damage to the Engine Harness Insulation

Mercedes-Benz owners that live in very hot areas, such as Texas, have reported problems with the engine wiring harnesses on their vehicles. Heat exposure can cause the wiring harness to crack and this can put your engine at risk. When the insulation cracks and exposes the wiring, it creates poor connections of the sensors in the engine. 

You may navigate a turn and lose power to the engine from exposed, bare wires that touch each other. This can be a dangerous situation and cause other drivers to hit you from behind when you lose engine power and then have the car suddenly speed back up by itself as it recovers. You should have this addressed as soon as possible by an import auto repair professional for your safety.

Signs that you need new spark plugs are hard starting engines in the cold weather, misfires when you accelerate and not being able to sustain maximum power, which leads to poor fuel economy.

Oil Leaks in Transmissions

Mercedes-Benz automobiles that were produced after 1995 have an electronic transmission. Owners have reported that they have a graphite buildup produced from the transmission clutches because of a transmission oil leak. This can be caused when the electrical connector at the transmission leaks even a small amount of fluid that isn’t noticeable underneath your vehicle. 

As time passes, the fluid can migrate through the transmission wiring harness and damage the transmission control module. An import auto repair professional would more than likely need to replace the wiring harness and the control module to correct this problem.

Mass Airflow Sensor Errors

The mass airflow sensor is also known as an oxygen sensor in a Mercedes-Benz. If you are experiencing rough starts, hesitations in the engine when stepping on the gas pedal or very rough idling while at a stop light, more than likely your mass airflow sensor is clogged and needs cleaning. Your car can even stall with a defective mass airflow sensor or it may not run at all and you will experience excessive fuel consumption. 

Your check engine light will likely illuminate on the dash or blink on and off, prompting you to take your vehicle in for service. A professional import auto repair shop can diagnose the exact area of the problem. You may need an air filter, a connector or just a new sensor wiring harness. In some cases, the entire mass airflow sensor will need to be replaced.

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Failing Ignition from Old Spark Plugs

All vehicles need replacement spark plugs to start and make the engine perform smoothly. Mercedes-Benz recommends replacing spark plugs between 75,000 and 90,000 miles to prevent engine power loss from poor ignition. 

Spark plugs are an integral part of your vehicle. They emit a small spark of electricity across the gap in the top of it to supply your engine with the combustion for it to start and run as it burns the air and fuel mixture from your engine. They also burn off deposits for fuel additives. Signs that you need new spark plugs are hard starting engines in the cold weather, misfires when you accelerate and not being able to sustain maximum power, which leads to poor fuel economy.

Concierge Auto Repair has knowledgeable, professional import auto repair technicians that can diagnose and correct any problem with your Mercedes-Benz. No matter what the issue is, if you think something is not quite right with your vehicle or you just want a routine checkup before a long trip, call us to schedule an appointment.