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Listening To Your BMW

Listening To Your BMW

If you're the owner of a BMW, it's probably safe to say that you made a decent investment in your ride. It's an investment you want to protect, right? It's important to listen to your car for any signs and sounds that something may be amiss. Here are a few easy ways to know when you BMW is in need of maintenance. 

Monitor the Mileage

One of the easiest ways to avoid a lot of import auto repair is to monitor the mileage on your BMW. Models made in 1999 and later are designed to not need any kind of maintenance until you reach 15,000 miles. Once you've hit this milestone (no pun intended), you'll need to take it in for routine maintenance after every additional 15,000 miles. This makes it easy for you to take care of your car without having to bring it into the shop all the time.

A BMW is not the same as other cars when it comes to maintenance. You won’t need an oil change every 3,000 miles. Instead, you will go in every 15,000 miles. Every other visit, you will also get a full inspection, which ensures that any potential problems are detected early on.

Understand the Dashboard Monitors

You want to avoid auto repair whenever possible because it can be expensive and it can leave you without a ride for a few days. There are lights that are present on your dashboard to alert you to any problems. There are five green lights, a yellow light and a red light. The green lights will all be lit if you have just had maintenance. Over time, they will not illuminate and this can serve as a countdown until the next time service is due.

If you have a yellow light illuminated and all the green lights are off, there will be a sign below it that either reads “Oil service” or “Inspection.” This simply means that it is time to bring in your car because some kind of service is needed.

If you have a model that was made in 1999 or later, your BMW shouldn't need any routine maintenance until it reaches 15,000 miles. After that, you'll need to bring it to back to the shop for every additional 15,000 miles.

Some of the newer models also are going to have a full system known as CBS to tell you what components are wearing down. This will be on your dashboard and will tell you everything from "engine oil," to "brake fluid" to "rear brake pads" when pointing out maintenance needs. 

Make sure you are aware of what all of these alerts mean, and don't ignore them when they pop up. They wouldn't come on if you didn't need maintenance, and prolonging any maintenance needs will only make the problem worse. 

These features are one of the reasons why BMW is such a good brand. The manufacturer wants you to have your Beamer for a long time, and as long as you bring the car in for its regular maintenance, you won’t have any major issues to deal with.

Concierge Auto Repair makes it possible for you to get quality BMW maintenance at a good price. We are a comprehensive car repair and maintenance service shop in Spring, Texas that uses advanced technology and equipment to service your luxury car. Call to schedule your appointment today.