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Take Advantage of Our New Financing Program

Take Advantage of Our New Financing Program

The staff at Concierge Auto Repair is very excited to announce that we are now offering financing through Confident Financial Solutions. This new financing program is the best option for customers because it uses underwriting guidelines that are better than any other credit option. 

These guidelines provide customers with a better approval rate, even to customers with a low credit score. Confident Financial Solutions uses simple interest, which is easier to pay off and won't drain your credit score unlike the compounding interest of many other credit options. 

Read on to learn more about our new financing option, and check out our website to learn more about Concierge Auto Repair's comprehensive and trustworthy services.

How It Works

To use our new financing option, you will apply online on a computer, tablet or smartphone, and will receive an instant decision. The application process is secure, easy to use, and all documents will be signed electronically and emailed to you. 

Our new financing program, provided by Confident Financial Solutions, uses simple interest, which is easier to pay off and won't drain your credit score.

If you are approved for financing, you may choose as much or as little of the amount you are approved for. For example, if the cost of the repair is $2,000, but you want to pay $1,000 up front, you can use as much or as little of the loan you are approved for. Paying for excellent, comprehensive auto repair service has never been easier.

Why You Should Take Advantage

With this new financing option, customers are more likely to be approved, even customers with a lower credit score. Credit cards often charge higher, compounding interest rates that can be difficult to pay off and harmful to your credit score. 

Credit card payments also can be confusing and sometimes hard to make, but this financing option is a simple, short-term loan. Customers are given the opportunity to pay off the loan in a straightforward, specific time frame. This new option makes paying for auto repair easy and hassle-free.

If you need auto repair or import auto repair, consider Concierge Auto Repair. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive and trustworthy auto repair service, and we consider this quality financing option as a part of our excellent customer service. 

For more information on all of Concierge Auto's services, visit our website, and contact us today to schedule a maintenance visit.

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